The Committee and Management of the NFRS

The NFRS is run as a democratic society for its members - it is not a business. Members can vote to change rules, or even the aims of the society, if they wish. Committee members and most officers are elected annually at the AGM, and some committee appointments (e.g. Promotions Co-ordinator, Cup Secretary) are elected at the first meeting of each new committee. Members may make suggestions to the Committee at any time, by writing to the Hon. Secretary, to suggest changes to the rules or management of the Society. At the AGM, members can find out about the society's activities, finances and plans; propose changes to the way things are run; or ask for clarification on matters they are unclear about.

2016/17 Executive Committee

Life President

  • Ann Storey

Annually Elected Officers

Annually Appointed Officers

Committee Members

  • toyah Leitch
  • Vicki Morley
  • Frankie Whiston-Hill
  • Alison Triggs