NFRS Rat Shows

The NFRS holds regular shows throughout the country, where you can see many different varieties of rat and talk to other rat owners. At each show there are competitions not only for recognised varieties but also for the best pet rat, which is judged on friendliness and condition. Any rat which is friendly and healthy can compete in the pet class, whilst only those which are good examples of recognised varieties should be shown in the variety classes. The show secretary of each event (listed in Pro-Rat-a) can advise you on which class to enter. Special rosettes are awarded to the best junior exhibitor in both the variety and pet sections.

When you attend your first show, introduce yourself to the show secretary and do ask if you would like to meet someone specialising in a particular variety. Shows usually start some time after 10.00AM, and rarely finish before 5PM. If you are exhibiting, it is a good idea to arrive at least half an hour before judging starts. If you are just coming to look, it is best to turn up after judging has started, when things are less hectic. Rats are exhibited in standard 'show tanks', so that the judge cannot tell who owns each rat; this means that first-timers are judged on the same basis as established breeders. Show results, with comments from the judge, are printed in Pro-Rat-a.

More information about shows and showing can be found here.