Return of Rat Shows

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Return of Rat Shows

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The return of Shows

Do you remember those? Those things called shows? The last show we held was March 2020 and so very much has happened to us all since then. It hardly feels real that we are heading back to shows again.

But we are.

So, if you look on the shows page of the website you can now see show adverts popping up as events are confirmed.

Bookmark this page – if you plan to attend a show then it will be your first port of call. Not the forum, not the Facebook page, but the shows page of the website.

Please read each advert carefully. We are beholden to the restrictions that each venue and location brings. One show may not be like another. Some venues are going to ask us to limit how many people are in the hall at any one time. Some may not.

We will be constantly monitoring Government announcements and regulations and also local restrictions in whichever area the show is planned.

The show may require that you book in advance through an online booking system. If it does then a link will appear on the show advert on the website. Some shows may open slots for exhibitors only and then release further slots for those who just wish to attend at a later date after entries close. Please keep checking to website to see what your event requires you to do.

Some shows may limit entries to only a set number of exhibitors or rats and these slots will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Details of when entries/slots open will again be on the website.

Shows will be run differently. They will not be events that you remember. Not for a time. There may not be a kitchen, if there is the fare may be limited to hot drinks and they will be sold to you in a disposable cup.

Since the pandemic show regulars’ circumstances have changed and we may not have as many experienced show staff to bring everything that you remembered and loved back at first. Raffles may not be run and stalls may not be there.

Be prepared. You may have to spend some time sat in your car, bring a blanket. You may not be able to get lunch, bring a pack up. You may have to wear a face covering, bring a mask. The show may take much longer to carry out, bring a smile and bags of patience.

We so look forward to seeing you all at shows, welcoming back your rats too and to having the opportunity to see if all those rats we made since the first lockdown are as good or bad as we think they are – but please bear with us, we are finding our way through this and trying to bring the events to you as safely as possible and within all regulations so that no one gets in trouble and no one gets ill as a result.

I will hopefully see some of you at one of them.
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