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NFRS Forum

Post by Estelle »

[glow=red,2,300]The NFRS Forum is available only to paid up members of the society. [/glow]
You will need to register with a username such as your real name or stud/rattery name so that you can be recognised when you join so we can check you against the membership list. Passwords are minimum of 8 digits long and should be secure - i.e. don't use something obvious like your stud name or real name.
We have boards for our members to chat on health, cages, food, breeding, shows, sales and general chitchat.

To make it clear, you [glow=red,2,300]will not[/glow] be approved unless we know who you are, so please ensure your username is clear - i.e. your real name or your rattery/stud name - if you choose to use your rattery/studname, it must be one we can verify against the breeders register as well.
We are not mindreaders and this is an NFRS members only board, so it is essential we can check who you are against our members list. Any usernames that are not clear will be rejected.

This is a members only forum and nothing you post can be seen by anyone who is not a paid up member of the NFRS. You must either have a username that is your full name (including surname) or alternatively once you have joined, you must put your full name in the signature field. It is against our forum rules for people to try and hide behind pseudonyms.
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Re: NFRS Forum

Post by halcyon »

Please can I remind members (again) that if you wish to share ANYTHING from this forum. Please ask the committee first.

Many thanks
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