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General guidelines for entering your rats in NFRS shows

Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2007 3:00 pm
by Estelle
1. Ensure you have read the advert and know the deadline for entries - for NFRS shows, email entries close the day before phone entries so the show sec can confirm your entry and if you've heard nothing, you can still phone an entry in before the deadline. If the deadline is Wed evening, most people will choose to enter on the Mon-Wed of that week and most show secs will make the effort to make themselves available to take phonecalls on those last evenings.
Remember ALL our show personnel are volunteers and have lives outside of the show and unless the advert states otherwise, it is best to call between 7-9pm in the evening.

2. For shows run entirely under the NFRS auspices in a village hall or similar, there will not be an entry fee (all guests are welcome) and unless you have questions, you shouldn't need to contact the show secretary much in advance of the show.
For shows where we share the venue - i.e. agricultural shows and London/Bradford Champs - there will usually be an entry fee, although sometimes it is possible to obtain exhibitors passes by sending an SAE to the show secretary by a date specified. Please read the advert well in advance and ensure you are aware of any additional entry requirements.

3. Whatever method of entry you choose to use, ensure you clearly state: -
• Your name
• Your contact details (ideally a mobile number that is contactable on the day as well)
• Are an adult or a juvenile (less than 16)?
• Are you a NFRS member?

For each rat, you will need to tell us:
• Is the rat male (a buck) or female (a doe)?
• Is the rat an adult (14 weeks or over) or a kitten (8 to 14 weeks)?
• The class you would like to enter – if you don’t know, enter the pet class or see our varieties pages
• Are you a Novice breeder and which rats are bred by you.

You will also need to let the Show Secretary know if:
• you would like to hire a tank (max 2 per exhibitor @ £3 each) - you will need to bring your own substrate and moisture source
• you would like buy a show tank (@ £11 each)
• you would like to advertise kittens at the show (you will need to bring a poster detailing your kittens which can be put on a board)
• You would like to transfer/deliver pre-arranged rats to other person(s) at the show. (note only NFRS members are permitted to deliver rats via NFRS shows)

There is an FAQ for showing on which explains how shows are run in more detail. Also have a read of on how to make your show sec's life easier.

Re: General guidelines for entering your rats in NFRS shows

Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 10:20 am
by Estelle
Just an additional note:
If you have earned a studname, please ensure you enter your rats under this and also any pets you enter should be entered as 'breeders pet' and not just as 'pet' or 'adult pet'. Obviously with a studname you are no longer eligible for the Novice class either.