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Rattery and Stud Registration Rule

Posted: Fri Jun 11, 2021 8:39 am
by ann
This is the most up to date version of this ruling from 2019


a) A rattery or stud is defined as a collection of animals (rats) kept and bred at one location.
b) No more than one rattery name or stud name can be registered per membership.
c) Any multiple memberships per rattery name or stud name must reside under the same roof.
d) Custody of registered rattery names or stud names remains with the partner who registered or earned
it. Any disputes shall be referred to the EC whose decision shall be final.
e) Registered ratteries and studs will be listed on the NFRS website and regularly published in Pro-Rata.
f) The registered name shall be used as a prefix on family trees/birth certificates of rats bred by a
registered rattery or stud. A suffix can be used to show the location of the rat if it is not owned by the
breeder, e.g. Vicinalis Waterloo Sunset at Rivendell.
g) All breeders wishing to be listed on the NFRS Breeders’ List must be registered as a rattery or stud.
h) Ratteries must enter their rats at shows under their given name and not their rattery name. Only
registered stud names can have their stud name written on prize cards.
i) Rattery and stud applications should be accompanied by a proposed prefix.
j) Rattery names must be unique, under 20 characters long including any spaces and distinct from any
currently registered prefixes. Rattery names should not be offensive or subject to copyright laws Where
any membership chooses to register a rattery under a name that could to be contrary to copyright
legislation then the NFRS accepts no responsibility.
k) Suggested prefixes are subject to approval by the committee.
l) Stud names not belonging to current members will be protected in perpetuity. Rattery names not
belonging to current members will be protected for five years.
m) The owner of the prefix will be held responsible for any dispute arising from their choice of prefix.
The NFRS accepts no responsibility for any legal action or dispute even if the name has been approved.
n) Members wishing to change their rattery must submit a new application with new supporting
documentation where applicable.

Registering a rattery

a) Members can apply to register a rattery name after 12 months of membership.
b) Rattery registration is simply a paid-for listing of a rattery name. Ratteries should be mindful of this
when advertising ratteries and kittens on websites and other forms of social media, and avoid using
wording or imagery that suggests they are in any way approved or inspected by the NFRS. The EC
may, at its discretion, contact ratteries to request removal of any media which they find to be suggestive
of NFRS endorsement or approval.
c) Anyone wishing to register should enclose the name of the rattery and the fee at the current agreed
rate to the MC. The MC shall then propose this name to the EC who shall vote on it. The applicant shall
then be informed within 28 days as to whether their application has been successful. If not, the applicant
may submit a second name to the process or receive a full refund.
d) Any rattery registered as a partnership should elect one party at the time of registration who will
retain the rattery name in case of a dissolution of the partnership.
e) Any rattery wishing to change rattery name must pay an additional fee at the same published rate as
the initial registration fee. Amended rattery names must also be approved by the EC.

Novice Awards

a) Any registered breeder who has not yet qualified for a stud name, is eligible to enter their rats for the
novice award, given at all shows where NFRS stars are awarded.
b) To be eligible, the rat must be bred by and in the possession of the novice exhibitor at the time of
entry. The rat must have lived with the breeder since birth,
c) The novice points are calculated annually and the winner awarded the trophy.
d) If the exhibitor gains their stud name in the year, the novice points will count until the time it is
awarded, when the exhibitor is no longer eligible to enter.

Stud Name Registration

a) All wins must be earned under an NFRS championship/show judge.
b) The individual(s) must be paid up member(s) to qualify for earning a stud name and have a rattery
name already registered with the NFRS as part of the Novice Rattery Registration scheme for at least
one year.
c) The rat(s) in question must be owned and bred by the individual from a dam(s) also owned and bred
by the exhibitor and attain either of the following awards:
i. NFRS silver champion – 8 stars on one rat.
ii. 2 x BIS/BOA/RBIS on one or two rats with two different judges. At least one win must be a
show where NFRS stars are awarded – the other may be at a NFRS affiliated club show,
providing the NFRS judge agrees in writing (or signs back of card) that the rat is of suitable
The application must be made to the Standards Officer along with supporting prize cards for the rat(s),
the suggested stud name and the registration fee at the current rate.