Breeders' List

The breeders' list is a free service run for NFRS members and aims to put buyers in touch with breeders. It is maintained by the Membership Coordinator. The register contains a list of individual registered breeders across the country and which varieties they breed.

The NFRS Breeders' list can be downloaded directly from our website: Breeders' List. The list is accessed by many, from across the UK and it would be helpful if we have as many breeders listed to cater for all areas.

To be included on the Breeders' List you first must register as a breeder with the NFRS. See Rattery/Stud Registration. Breeders are expected to follow the NFRS General Guidelines for Selling Rats.

If you are an NFRS Registered Breeder and wish to advertise available kittens to members, you can do so on the NFRS members forum

The required information for the breeders' list is as below:
Mobile, e-mail and Web site, optional if you have them.
Also a list of the varieties you currently breed, some people chose to have 'various pets' as they do not necessarily breed particular show varieties.
Any changes of personal details once you have registered should be directed to the Membership Coordinator via e-mail or post.

Please note
The NFRS Committee cannot accept any responsibility for the breeders and buyers who use this list as in many cases they do not know the individuals concerned. Please ensure you have asked plenty of questions of the breeder if you have specific requirements in any area. Please not that not all registered ratteries/studs are listed on the Breeders' List.